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Browser Dedicated to Developers
Mozilla to launch browser built by developers for developers

Mozilla has announced launch date for a new browser for developer. It is scheduled for November 10, 2014 — the same day Firefox celebrates its 10th anniversary. The new browser will be based on Firefox with more features, debugging capabilities and integrates special tools like the Firefox Tools Adapter, and WebIDE for coding right in […]

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HTML5’s Continuous Evolution to Fulfill User’s Expectation

Steve Jobs thought beyond Flash and welcome HTML5 as the most used language in the field of web development. Usually people have been thinking HTML5 and HTML 4 as the same for years but the truth is that HTML5 is an advance version over HTML4. Now too HTML5 is undergoing constant change. The W3C published […]

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social media in 2013
Social Media News & Updates 2013

You Tube as the popular Social Media Site You Tube is gaining its popularity mostly among the teen agers and the youth as this uses both audio and video version of communication.  According to a survey conducted on the youth of US, The Future Company came to the conclusion that the You Tube is gaining […]

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wordpress CMS
WordPress No. 1 Blogging Platform/CMS Among Top 100 Blogs

The majority of the top 100 blogs are using WordPress blogging platform, says a new study from Pingdom. 52% of the top 100 blogs are currently using WordPress, either hosted or self-hosted, according to an annual study conducted by Pingdom gets the top 100 list of blogs from Technorati. The Pingdom study notes that […]

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