Facebook Vs Orkut

You will find interesting results from comScore report which shows that Facebook is fast catching up with Orkut in India.Facebook in India

Orkut which is owned by Google, is way behind Facebook as a social network on a worldwide scale. But in India and Brazil Orkut has so far been the leading social network.

However, now the statistics look different in India.

According to comScore’s findings, in May 2010, Orkut had 19.7 million unique visitors while Facebook had 18 million unique visitors. But the rate at which Facebook has been growing in India is much faster than the rate at which Orkut is growing.

In the previous year, Facebook had only 6.5 million users in India, which means that they have grown by 177%, while Orkut has grown only by 35% in the same time period.

By that yardstick, it is possible that Facebook has already overtaken Orkut by now.