About eGramin

Know more about our journey with goal to help business in digital transformation.

Welcome to eGramin Infotech, thanks for your interest in our services. eGramin is a privately funded next generation technology company founded with the vision to train, involve and help the rural youth of India in their professional and entrepreneurial journeys, through innovation, collaboration and monetization.

eGramin is led by a management team and advisor having proven track record and extensive experience in IT, ITES business & Industry, long-standing relationships and state-of-the-art technology knowledge.



To grow our multi-disciplinary team in order to offer a broad spectrum of specialist Information Technology, Educational and Management Consulting services, so as to become our Clients’ preferred Professional Service Provider (PSP) choice.



To offer excellent service in each of our professional disciplines to our valued Clients, in accordance with statutory practices, codes of conduct and integrity backed by latest technologies.


Our core values are:



We conduct business; treat our clients, our staff and business associates in a fair and honest way.


Ethical Practices

We attempt to be a well-informed and value enhancing contributor to the market. We are also committed to practice our business in a transparent and ethical way.


We are always ready to meet the client’s needs and to cater to them with innovative solutions, receptiveness, professionalism and attention to the minutest of detail.



eGramin also try to employ outstanding individuals and value their contributions by caring for them and their families. We also use our expertise and resources to improve our local, national and international community.