Top 10 Social Networking Sites in India

Almost 84% of the total internet audience in India that is 33 million Internet users of age 15+ visited social networking sites in India. The report on traffic to Social Networking sites in India was released last week by comScore Inc.Social Networking

Other interesting facts on Social Networking Sites in India

  • Facebook has grabbed number one ranking with 20.9 million visitors in July 2010
  • India is seventh largest market for social networking, after the U.S., China, Germany, Russian Federation, Brazil and the U.K.
  • The top social networking sites with reference to total unique visitors are:
  2. Orkut
  4. Yahoo! Pulse
  9. Yahoo! Buzz
  10. has posted hightest growth 12 percent versus June with 20.9 million visitors. Orkut ranked second with 19.9 million visitors (up 16 percent vs. year ago), followed by with 4.4 million visitors (up 3 percent). had the highest rate of growth among the top five social networking sites, increasing 239 percent to 3.3 million visitors.