Importance of Content Strategy in SEO

Mai Tai Diagram

Most of us either do SEO in a wrong way or end-up overdoing it. Keep in your mind SEO is about making your site search engine friendly, improving search engine rankings. The areas like user experience, usability, social media optimization and marketing are as much important as SEO.

There is an interesting Mai Tai Diagram by Nick Finck.Mai Tai Diagram

According to Nick “Without the ‘content,’ there is no Mai Tai,”. Without the content on your website, there is no website.

Here is my view point on content strategy. Always try to create quality and unique content and participate in discussion with sites of your niche. You will get targeted traffic naturally. The style of language used in your content should be kept simple, conversational and easy to understand.

From SEP perspective use keyword/phrase at the starting paragraph, middle and ending part of the content. While writing your content try to add a catchy and post specific title with one keyword. Interlink your content with relevat link from your recent or older posts. The important point is to post unique content. Google loves unique content and gives less importance to duplicate content. I will love to hear your comment on your content strategy.

~Lotus Ray

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