Link Building with Your Own Blog Network

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blog networkThe most important aspect of your link building strategy is content distribution. One-way relevant back links which are linked from within the main content page is considered as best backlink.

The blog network method of link building is time and labor intensive, but you will get rewarded over time. You can get relevant links by distributing relevant, useful, unique content to your selected list of blog network.

As a part of this approach you should create a “content distribution network” by reaching out to blog owners and editors in related areas and get permission to syndicate your content to their site. If you are a owner of blog then you must be aware of most difficult part is to maintain a blog. Developing new content on daily basis is most challenging task. Most blog owners welcome quality unique content and accept your contribution.

The frequently asked question in this approach is, how do I build my own blog network?

You can follow following steps to build your blog network.

Step 1: Start with the list of popular blogs from your own search and follow for relevant information. Subscribe to RSS feed and filter the blogs which are updated daily with relevant content.

Step 2: Post comment on blog posts and try to develop that relationship over time, or directly contact the blog owner, tell them who you are and who you work for, and ask if they’d be open to syndicating your content.

Step 3: Your goal in this approach is to distribute your content across hundreds of blogs and make sure each blog get unique content. The fact is unique content gets indexed quickly and enable you to get more link juice for your website.

The effective approach is to write seed articles with targeted keyword in mind and take help of a content spinning software to create a unique spinner article from it.

Step 4: Distribute your content to your list of blogs and publish the articles across your blog network at a natural rate

Your articles will appear on Google blog search or news search once the content contribution is accepted and published on different blogs. You can track Google blog search results and use analytics to keep track of back links.

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by the way, when i have some website with one topic,
That is the good way to distribute my content in my blog network?
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