New SEO offsite strategy and implementation plan

New SEO offsite strategy

Your success rate of achieving top keyword ranking will be very low if you adopt old method of low quality and high quanity backlinks.

Penguin update is recalculating the value of inbound linking based upon the structure of a pages overall link profile. The profile was primarily adjusted for too high a percentile of exact matching anchor text. The Penguin update addressed and attacked high position ranking websites that had been built upon up to 100% exact match anchor text. While Google claimed that only 3% of all websites were affected by Penguin, they did not readily share that those 3% comprised the first and second page results for almost every major search term.

Confused? Now it is high time to consider a new SEO offiste strategy and implement with set of long term goals.

  • Adopt a longer term strategy revolving around unique, high-quality content and utilizing social platforms to drive engagement and exposure.
  • Get natural links is by creating content that is so useful/informative/entertaining that it begs to be shared, retweeted, ‘+1’d, and embedded on blogs that attract the same demographic of users that visit your site.
  • Blog networks and partnership with popular blogs in your industry means that more people will read your content, and the potential for natural back links, and natural traffic.
  • Strictly follow Google webmaster guidelines and start planning and move one step ahead with a new offsite strategy immediately.

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