RockMelt desktop browser with social networking fetaures

RockMelt Social Networking Features

You can now easily access and manage your social networking accounts via the desktop browser RockMelt.

The look feel of the browser is very similar to Google Chrome. You can integrate your Facebook accounts with RockMelt and access several social network friendly features on the browser.

You can also add Twitter and G-mail accounts. The RockMelt browser stotes user account access information on the cloud to enable the users to get the same settings on any computer network. The right side of the browser has App Edge and on the left side you have Friend Edge.

You get updates or new gmail messages in the App Edge. Your Facebook friends will appear on left side as a column of buttons with their profile pictures.

The down side is there is no mobile version for RockMelt and you will have to wait for some major update for fixing issues related to browser.

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