SEO, you need to know the basics


In my 10 years of professional experience, I have discussed with many business owners of US, UK, australia and India. They are all good at off-line marketing, the so called broick martar marketing. When it comes to understandinf SEO and Online SEO ROImarketing and promotion they do not understrstand many aspect of it.

If you are a business owner, and looking forward to make your business successfull then you must try to answer following questions.

1. What are the specific goals of your business

2. Who is your target audience

3. Have you done your competition analysis and know your competitors

4. What are the geographic regions you want to target

5. How long your Web site/portal/E-commerce site has existed.

6. How much traffic your site has. Are you doing through analysis of data obtained from web analytics.

7. How relevant your content is to the term being searched. What are the keywords you are using for PPC campaigns.

8. Do you understand importance and steps of keyword analysis?

9. How many relevant links you have, inbound or outbound.

10. What is your short-term SEO Plan and long term SEO plan.

If you need any help in understand the above question, doing related research, You can contact me for a free SEO analysis of your online business.

L. Ray

Director, Online Marketing

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