Top 5 Fastest Growing Messaging Apps in Last Six Months

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The Global Web Index (GWI) report shows that Social messaging app Snapchat saw 56% rise driven by heavy adoption rates among young users in US, UK, Australia, Ireland and Canada, while Facebook Messenger also grew its audience by 52.

Facebook Messenger, whose audience grew by 52%, social media photos-based site Instagram has seen growth of 47%, LINE saw a 44% increase and Pinterest grew by 43%.

Top 5 Fastest Growing Messaging Apps

WeChat is enjoying a better user base within the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region. Nearly a quarter of the world’s internet users (23%) aged 16-64 are now using WeChat on a regular basis, with the figure just short of 40% (standing at 39%) in Asia Pacific alone. WeChat’s audience numbers rocketed by 500% in Singapore, by 1,200% in Malaysia and a whopping 2,350% in India.

Despite all of the privacy issues surrounding it that have been plaguing Snapchat since the start of the year, the app has proved to be resilient in its growth, keeping pace among the top apps thanks to teens, mostly residing in US, UK, Australia, Ireland and Canada. Snapchat also has the youngest audience of any social or messaging app.

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Mobiles and tablets are seeing big rises for social networking, whereas the audience engaging via PCs/laptops is contracting.

It’s now about 6 in 10 who use social networks via a PC/laptop compared to more than 4 in 10 logging on via mobiles.

With the success of all these messaging and chat apps, messaging industry has established its strong base and success story.

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