Optimize your Keyword Quality Score in Google AdWords

Keyword Quality Score

Keyword Quality scores and other KPI’s such as conversion data are a direct reflection of how your AdWords account is managed and optimized.

Google considers the “Quality Score” as an ranking prameter of an ad’s performance. The Quality Score increases the fastest when you create tightly themed ad groups using keywords that are very relevant to the content on your landing page. This, along with testing and optimizing your copy, will substantially increase your click-thru rate. As your click-thru rate increases, so too should your Quality Score. And as your Quality Score increases, your ads should appear higher on the search results’ page, especially as you increase your bids.

Keyword Quality Scores:

The keyword quality score on a system of 1 to 10 rating is  result of the individual keyword quality score on each keyword you bid on. You can find this on “quality score” column on your keyword lists or just mouse over the icon beside the keyword. Generally 3 or lower is poor. 4-6 is fair. 7 or higher is very very good. If you have most or all keywords at a 7, you are doing great in terms of keyword quality score.

The higher your keyword quality scores, the more impressions you can get, the higher up your ads will show, and the lower the CPC you will have to pay.

Quality scores are very important and can be influenced by more than 17 factors. The factors include account structure, overall site experience, landing page, impressions and many more. It also contributes to the overall Account Health significantly. Your keyword quality score is calculated by the performance of search queries that exactly match your keyword.

When you add the keywords into the new campaign, you’ll start with whatever your account Quality Score is. If you have an new account, it’ll probably start low. But there are optimization techniques that can improve your keyword quality scores. First analyze impression, if your impression share is low, you can improve performance by increasing your daily budgets or increasing individual bids to rank in higher positions. Second start start with ad groups or keywords that have the highest click-through rate. Take help of the Opportunities Tab in the AdWords to find new keywords relevant to add to your current ad groups.

Apart from variable factors like location, your keyword’s Quality Score is determined by:

  • The click-through rate (CTR) of the keyword and its matched ad.
  • Relevance of the keyword to its Ad Group.
  • Landing page quality.
  • Relevance of your ad text.
  • Historical account performance.

It is a fact that tight keyword ad groupings make it easier to write relevant ad text and better relevant ad text translates to higher click-through rates.

Focus on your keyword research and use available tools to create strong keyword groups. These ad groups pass value down to each keyword and increases the chance that your ad will appear for a relevant Google search.

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