Quality Content Can Boost Online Shopping Experience

ecommerce content

The recent Panda updates have significantly impacted eCommerce merchants. Merchants depending on manufacturer content are urgently need to create and maintain relevant quality content. Relevant, authentic, original fresh content makes for a more appealing shopping experience overall, driving engagement with the brand and, ultimately, sales conversion.

1. Post original product content for each product to establish your brand site as an authoritative source of information for products. Post detailed information with good quality images and videos. Do not copy any content from available online sources, you can benchmark some sites and improve.

2. Rely on authentic manufacturer content and update it by tailoring the information, language and tone to your audience, making for better experience for shoppers and is beneficial to SEO.

3. Get user-generated contentProduct reviews, question-and-answer support forum, knowledge base, feedback, product ratings etc.

4. Get deep links into content from social media outposts – Plan a linking strategy that showcases a variety of content deep within your site. You can maximize the SEO power of your own social outposts by using them to showcase product-level content, discussion forum threads and blog posts.

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