Find targeted long-tail keywords to stay ahead of competition

keyword research

keywords are the main words or phrases users type into search engine search box to obtain relevant search result. Different search engines use their patented ranking algorithms. Keywords indicates relevancy.

Right combination of keywords is essential before starting on-page optimization of landing pages and before starting any PPC campaign.

To begin your keyword research you need a clear stategy. It is important to pick the right combination words. Due to heavy competition targeting one or two word keywords will not get you top ranking. One of the important aspect of search engine algorithm is page-copy word relationship.

First step of keyword research is keyword brainstorming session and then use keyword research tools to identify your targeted primary keywords and secondary keywords. You can ask several basic questions to your team members, customers and subject experts.

What words/phrases would someone type to get to your site?

What keywords are associated with your line of business?

What would you type to find products, services and information you are selling?

How many primary keywords should you use?

What are important tools used for keyword research?

Should you buy expensive third party keyword tools?

How do you know which keywords to use?

Once I finalize my sets of keywords, where do you see how many people search on those keywords?

Try to answer above questions, you will save time for seo and love to do the research yourself. I will post a detailed strategy for keyword research and important tools to use in upcoming article.

~ Lotus

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