social media in 2013
Social Media News & Updates 2013

You Tube as the popular Social Media Site You Tube is gaining its popularity mostly among the teen agers and the youth as this uses both audio and video version of communication.  According to a survey conducted on the youth of US, The Future Company came to the conclusion that […]

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wordpress CMS
WordPress No. 1 Blogging Platform/CMS Among Top 100 Blogs

The majority of the top 100 blogs are using WordPress blogging platform, says a new study from Pingdom. 52% of the top 100 blogs are currently using WordPress, either hosted or self-hosted, according to an annual study conducted by Pingdom gets the top 100 list of blogs from Technorati. […]

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ecommerce content
Quality Content Can Boost Online Shopping Experience

The recent Panda updates have significantly impacted eCommerce merchants. Merchants depending on manufacturer content are urgently need to create and maintain relevant quality content. Relevant, authentic, original fresh content makes for a more appealing shopping experience overall, driving engagement with the brand and, ultimately, sales conversion. 1. Post original product […]

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